Thursday, December 17, 2009

Reason #67,229 Why I'm Going To Hell...

SMARTY P. JONES: Did you really just ask for "Bejeweled Balls" for the Pope?

ME: I'm not sure what you mean... *puts on halo*

SPJ: Of course you're not. You'll be sure Hell is hot when you get there for making fun of the Holy One and stealing that halo!

ME: This halo was given to me by Lou(cifer)'s his old one. I dusted it off. You like?

SPJ: Oh. THAT'S why it blinks?! I thought it was holiday decor. *shrugs*

ME: It's not blinking. It's WINKING.

SPJ: *dead*

*smooches...strutting all over blogger w/my winking halo*
I know y'all are jealous because you want one, too. Oh well...too bad, so sad... it's allllllllllll mine!