Friday, March 13, 2009

A Word About My Show And A List Celebrating Apathy

Say what you want about Twitter (it's stupid; it's a waste of time; people who tweet are so self-centered) but I get some of my best ideas from conversations I have with my Twitter folks!

Example No. 1-

Blogger Smarty Jones and I almost came to blows discussing Tyler Perry (I say he's wack; she called me a heifer spic... okay, no she didn't, but wouldn't that have been HILARIOUS?) and from that I got a great idea for my next Monday Musings segment:

Minorities In Film And TV: Shuckin' & Jivin' Or Paving The Way?

Now. People. A lot of you usually miss my show for whatever reason and normally I don't care because I have fun doing this and I have a group of loyal, core listeners that make it worthwhile, but this topic is trez importante!

The fate of minorities in entertainment may very well rest on whether or not you tune in, hence why I'm advertising the segment TODAY rather than waiting for Monday! Don't let our people down...

Example No. 2-

I started following comedian Michael Ian Black on Twitter (who, by the way, wrote these hysterical tweets today:

  • I am never, never, NEVER going to buy a slave on ebay again.
  • The slave I purchased on ebay was older, shorter, and in much worse physical condition than advertised. And get this: "I don't cook." WTF???
  • Slave update: I packed him back up and returned him to the sender (C.O.D.) FYI, I enclosed a cheese sandwich and a soda. Above & beyond?
  • It was just pointed out to me that slavery is not a laughing matter. I'm not laughing. Not with a filthy house and a defective ebay slave.

and I damn near fell out of my chair in a fit of giggles.)

But that same slave-buying comedian started a Fuck It List, and encouraged others to make one, too.

What is a Fuck It List, you ask?

Well, besides being a cool Brooklyn blogger and a member of the Lovely Blogging Ladies of NYC, a Fuck It List is a list of items you really don't care if you ever do before you die... basically the opposite of a Bucket List (read the full article here).

And you KNOW I had to participate... so without further ado, here are 10 of the trillion items on my list, including the ones I tweeted:

The Jaded NYer's (Partial) Fuck It List

1. Sky Diving
2. Eat or drink any of the following:
  • raw fish or any meat 'tartar'
  • a shot of wheat grass juice
  • fried bugs
  • feces
  • urine (again)
3. Piercing my tongue, lip, cheek, nipples or clitoris; tattooing my face; shaving my head.
4. See Michael Jackson live. No thank you, I'd rather stay home and stare at the walls.
5. Find Jimmy Hoffa's remains.
6. Have a reconciliation/heart-to-heart with my biological father.
7. Dance naked under the pale moonlight.
8. Seeing the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Mt. Rushmore & all that other sh*t.
9. Falling in love.
10. Watching The Wire.

Now, Michael is also pushing a "Suck It List"- things you HAVE to do but don't WANT to, but lord Jesus, I ain't got time for all that right now... I'm trying to actually get some of those Suck It things done!

*smooches...wondering what you have on your lists*
but most importantly, I need you to listen to my show on Monday or you're not invited to my Birthday Extravaganza in May. There, I said it... I didn't want to have to take it there but you've forced my hand. hmph!