Monday, March 02, 2009

Members Of The Girl Army, Please Rise...

March is Women's History Month.

An entire month devoted to the AWESOMENESS that is the female gender. So of course you know I had to do a show about it!

Tonight on Monday Musings I am devoting an entire hour to the trailblazing women who've come before me, the ones who are making a difference today, and the ones that I know are poised to make difference tomorrow.

I'd also love to hear from listeners-- who are some of the women who've influenced your life? Made you want to be better? Do better?

A lot of us will name women in our families, or teachers we've had along the way, and that's great. Those are the real role models; those are the unsung heroes we need to hear about.

Won't you join me?

Same time (10PM EST).
Same place (
No excuses.

And yes, this will be on the final!

*smooches...looking forward to a wonderful estrogen-fueled evening*
no give-aways this time (it's a recession, dammit), but I'd still love to hear from all my phenomenal women tonight.