Thursday, March 12, 2009


I recently attended an event in The Heights for Independence Day, and during the festivities they had this comedian from La Mega 97.9 FM on stage.

He goes by the name Mariconsuelo and is part of El Vacilon morning show.

He plays this uber-effeminate, lisping, horn-dog gay Latino that is sooooo motherfucking offensive I almost ran on stage to check his non-funny Colombian ass!

And let me tell you- if *I* was offended then you KNOW it was bad. He just kept feeding into the most disgusting and hateful gay stereotypes that just make Latinos so intolerable of homosexuality. And his jokes, even the non-gay-central ones were just BAD. UGH!

I officially loathe him and call an immediate Jaded Boycott of El Vacilon and La Mega in general.

That is all.

*smooches...thinking of becoming the Al Farton of Latinos in NYC*
first step to becoming al- get me a kick ass perm and a bucket o wings... being a pain in the ass is a lot of work!