Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Japan Ain't Playin' With Y'all

Baseball may be America's pastime, and the Dominican Republic may breed peloteros like they breed platanos, but Japan? They took this game and made it theirs.

For the second time in a row, the Japanese national team won it all in the World Baseball Classic, and I can't even be mad at them. They were a strong team from their very first game. They were hungry for it. And they deserved to win.

Here's a tip for the future for Team DR (cabrones malvados pedasos de mierda!): focus LESS on MLB players with inflated egos and bank accounts, and get MORE players from the Dominican Leagues. I know half of the Licey team could have easily whooped those Netherlands cats better than Big Papi Poopie and them.

But, eh, what can you do. After the Giants and the Mets let me down last year, I've learned to not get too worked up over sports. So to bring some levity to this post, check out Letterman's Top Ten Reasons To Watch The WBC:

And Team USA... what can I tell you? You ain't so hot without your foreign born players, are you, huh? You betta recognize...

*smooches...looking forward to more baseball starting 4/6*
I wish wish wish I could get tickets to CitiField for opening day but, alas, I'm just a broke-ass writer with no connections. BOOOO!