Tuesday, March 10, 2009

When Terror Comes A-Knocking...

I didn't host my show last night after all... more technical difficulties of the human kind. But I thought in light of the topic I was going to discuss, this little tale was an appropriate representation of my feelings towards organized religions and their followers...

A random Saturday morning.

C calls to say he is downstairs waiting to take the babies to Six Flags. But then we hear the doorbell ring and assume it is him needing to use the facilities.

K is on her way to let her dad in when I get another call from him...

C: Be careful; there are Witnesses at your door.
ME: (yelling as if in a horror movie) K!! COME BACK, CAME BACK!! IT'S THE WITNESSES!!

K runs back up, kinda shook, and asks, "Who?"

ME: Jehovah's Witnesses!! They were at the door!!

*smooches...more afraid of The Witnesses than I am of men in fur!!*
I mean, why were they ringing my bell anyway?? Don't they know we're Muslim/Agnostic up in here? Sheesh!