Monday, March 30, 2009

Total Mental Breakdown In 2.5 Seconds... (UPDATE)

Y'all know I never delete blog posts... can't bring myself to delete my own words like that, but here's an after-french-fry update on today's tantrum and tirade:

1. The voice recorder MAGICALLY came back to life after I had a conversation with los santos.. turns out one of you bitchez out there must've put some roots/brujeria on me. That's cool, tho, do your thing. Just know whatever evil you send my way will come back at you threefold, Okay? I don't fuck around and Chango has my back so to whomever is not wishing me well: FUCK. YOU.

2. Monday Musings may very well air tonight thanks to West Coast blogger Bossmack TopSoil. If you're not familiar with his blog, get to it... he's one of the realest cats out there, and I lurk at his spot on the regular. I'll keep you updated on the status of the show, because I still have my wack-ass Dell to maneuver around.

I'm writing this from work because my home PC is just... I don't even know.

On top of all that, I spilled water in my bag... completely immersing, among other things, my digital voice recorder. The very digital recorder that was housing 2+ hours of interviews I conducted for an important project I'm working on. Interviews that I haven't had a chance to transcribe.

And now everything is gone.

This is what I get for depending on machines... if I'd kept my old fashion recorder with the little mini-tapes, everything would still be fine. But NOOOOO, I just had to upgrade to this digital shittiness that can't even hold up to a little bit of filtered water.

So, I doubt there will be a Monday Musings tonight because my computer is a piece of shit Dell desktop that needs to be kicked across the fucking room a couple of times, and anyways I'm not even in the mood to talk to anyone. If I made plans with anyone this week forget it; don't even call to confirm or ask how I'm doing 'cause I'm not answering the phone. And all your emails will go unanswered.

(don't worry, Irene... I'll still be there for Olivia's birthday)

I think there are blog entries scheduled to post this week so feel free to enjoy those in my absence.

*smooches...working really hard to not cry at my desk*
although, who am I kidding. I am crying. A lot.