Monday, October 13, 2008

The Universe Is Pissed At Me

First and foremost... you know what's going on tonight at 11 so stop acting like you don't know...

That's right... Monday Musings is on, and since Latino Heritage Month ends on Wednesday, I figured we'd discuss what makes us Latinos.

It should be fun, as Mari is making a return appearance (will she have notes and stats this time? I don't know... you'll have to tune in and listen) and the lovely Qucifer (will she curse a few people out? I can't say... you just have to see for yourself) will be joining the fold for a great discussion.

And I know it will be great because I'm great and they're great and please, you know you're gonna listen anyway so stop frontin' like you're not!


Now... back to the topic at hand.

The Universe. Pissed. At Me.

So remember how Friday I was over here talking shit about god and all that? Well clearly that did not go over so well with the heavens because I paid dearly for those wretched comments... in the form of making my entire body ache from working out all week.

Yeah... I'm back to the gym, taking it one class at a time and not really advertising it. Just doing it for me. Except I kinda have to talk about it because OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!

It hurts to breath I'm so sore!

And don't even get me started on the DEBACLE that was my bike ride on Saturday... lets just say I'm really truly madly out of shape.

And as if to add salt to my wounds, the Universe tried to have me taken out by nature! As I sat by the pond reading, I heard some leaves crunching behind me... only to find a sneaky little squirrel trying to creep over to me. As soon as I looked it in the eye he- and the other two squirrels that I hadn't noticed that were also creeping in my direction- ran off.

Then they sent in the big guns- a raccoon. They didn't have to tell me twice. I got the fuck outta Dodge.

Okay, Universe, god, Zeus, whatever... I learned my lesson. Don't talk about you on my blog. Got it.

Now can you please untighten my shoulders so that I can sleep in peace? Please?

*smooches...thinking it may be time I gave massages another try*
because this soreness is bullshit.

oh wait... lookee here... muscle relaxers... where did THESE come from...?