Friday, October 03, 2008

OMG- I Watched The VP Debate!

And wouldn't you know it- it was a hot ghetto waste of time...

Dear Joe "Joe Cool" Biden:

You should have been much better prepared to answer the question as to WHY you are running as VP when earlier you were quoted as saying you NEVER would. Unpreparedness is not an option.

Also, you kept falling into the whole "back in my home town of West Butt Fuck, USA" pit, and it was not cute. It was almost like you were playing a game of "Who's more Blue Collar" instead of "Who Wants To Be Vice President."

Finally, you might want to control your temper... I saw/heard you sigh vehemently at least twice, almost like you wanted to bitch slap Palin. Not a good look, honey.

Dear Sarah "I Can See Russia From My House" Palin:

Sweetie Honey Girl... this was not a contest for how many buzzwords you can fit into an hour and a half, babycakes, Okie Dokie?

And gosh darn it, when you're asked a question about taxes, don't answer it with your position on the environment. Focus, Sarah, FOCUS!

And JESUS MARY & JOSEPH... did you really just use the term "straight up" and give "shout outs" like Uncle Ralph was interviewing you on Video Music Box? WORD? I was waiting for you to get into B-Boy stance...

All in all I was very disappointed with both of these fools, I'm still an undecided voter and am appalled that these are the only two VP candidates we get to hear from. What about Darrell Castle? Or Wayne Root? How about Rosa Clemente? Don't know who they are or where they stand? ME NEITHER, because all you hear all the live long day is Obama this and McCain that... blah blah blah Biden, wah wah wah Palin... give me a freakin break!

And just for the record- I'm pissed that neither side supports gay marriage and that both think that the solution the the oil crisis is to drill... they're all shady haters!

This voting shit is for the birds...

*smooches...nursing a wicked case of TOO THROUGH*
I would have much rather watched the movies I rented from the library...