Tuesday, October 14, 2008


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I'm writing this because I'm mad that JACK, who's been blogging all of six months, is already over there demanding presents for his birthday and shit. The NERVE! I've been blogging wayyyy longer and I've never asked for anything. I actually give things away, and he's over there demanding!


Los cojones que tiene este maldito...

Well, that's it.

I want stuff, too. And I'm not waiting until my birthday to ask for it; I want them NOW NOW NOW!

I want a feather bed for my mattress
and a new bathroom scale
and a new rug for my living room, preferable 5'X7'
and a new rug for the bathroom
and a new set of Calphalon cookware WITH cooking utensils PLUS the Dutch oven
and a new set of square/oval dishes in black and white from Crate and Barrel, service for 4 will suffice
and new pillows
and a new trundle bed for the babies
and a memory upgrade for my computer PLUS a 22" flat panel LCD monitor
and a new digital camera, preferable 10 megapixels and 4X digital zoom (or more)
and Ani DiFranco's new CD, PLUS 2 tickets to her show next month at the Town Hall (and a date... male or female... must be an Ani fan, though)
and a new fall wardrobe consisting of 2 more pairs of doc martens (one black one red), some cotton turtlenecks, 2 more pairs of black slacks, two more pairs of grey slacks, another pair of brown slacks, a few pairs of khakis, three cardigans, a new Righteous Babe Records hoodie in black, black tights, two wool skirts and 10 cotton long-sleeve Oxford shirts from the Gap, in EVERY color

oh, and if it's not too much to ask,

John Cusack's direct number.

Thank you.

The Jaded NYer

*smooches...swinging my big-ass cojones all over this post*
so get to gettin, people. I want my stuff POST HASTE! If you don't have the time to shop, I'll take cash...