Thursday, October 02, 2008

It's A Carefully Choreographed Ballet

The Mets are not in the playoffs.

There, I just had to admit that piece so that I can begin to heal.

At first I was going to boycott the MLB postseason in protest of having to say, yet again, "next year..." but alas... my love of baseball... it's in my bones. I was raised on it. When I go home to DR my uncles say things like, "We grow ball players here like platanos" and he's not even playing. It may be the all-American sport but trust me, it's spread...

My love of baseball has nothing to do with the home team or the stats or even the players that make me swoon.

It's the stolen bases, the double plays, the grand slam home runs, the outfielder diving to catch the not-so-easy out, and then playing the rest of the game with a stained uniform- a badge of honor that stain, a reminder of his heroic feat.

It's the crowd booing the umpire, it's the coach getting kicked out of the game, it's the empty-dug-out fights on the pitcher's mound.

Shut out games, no-hitters, extra innings, 3 men on 2 outs and 2 strikes in the bottom of the ninth... you hold your breath, and the man at bat knows it feels it and the fate of his team

The crowd follows the ball... will the outfielder catch it or will he let it fall? will it leave the park or bounce off the wall? fans keep watch with hearts stuck in their throats...

It's watching the older guys pull miracles out of aching body, and the young'uns making themselves known

It's the peanuts & crackerjack & hot dogs and beer

It's the 7th inning stretch

It's wearing your favorite player's jersey proudly on your way to the game, and for me and mine...'s being able to pass down your love for the game to the next generation.

I love you baseball, whether my team wins or not.

*smooches...resigned to the fact that I will be watching the World Series this year*
I was a fool to think otherwise...

and PS- I may have to stop seeing my shrink... this is two days in a row that I'm over here telling you how much I "love" something... WTF? you'd think I was getting laid or something...