Monday, October 06, 2008

Allergies Are Trying To Kill Me...And Other Musings

Ya Girl Still Got It
I hit up some lounge on the LES w/Mari this weekend, just to chill and whatevers, only to have one of her little friends make a pass at moi.

Luckily Mari was there with the interception/block, because she knows I'm too through changing diapers! The last thing I need is some handsome, chocolaty, 24 year old Cornell graduate in his physical and sexual prime with no real respon.... hmmm... maybe I need to rethink my position on younger men...

But a quick observation from the evening? Some really, really pretty girls are dating some really, really average-to-ugly-looking dudes. What's up with that? Are cute men not nice or something? It's such a strange phenomena.

Allergies Are Trying To Kill Me...
...but I will not be defeated!

True my face and eyes are itchy as hell and my nose is completely useless at this point, but I will not be defeated.

And never mind that I'm sooooooooo groggy that I can barely walk... I don't care.

I will not stay in bed. I will not let the allergies win. When I get home I will make dinner, I will wash Ns hair and I will shred some more of the 300lbs of junk mail sitting on my table.


The Show Must Go On
With that said, Monday Musings will go on as planned. 11PM. If you can, give us a listen... this week we're talking Hip Hop and its origins with J from The Liberators of Hip Hop.

I'd love for listeners to call in tonight and tell us their earliest memories of Hip Hop music, you know, back when it was good... oops! Did that sound biased?? Pshhhh, like I care... "Back in MY day..."

Me And Google Are About To Have Problems
Can my ex's PUH-LEESE stop googling me??? I had yet ANOTHER blast from the past come out of the woodwork and hit me up on MySpace. So far it's nothing; let's hope it stays that way.

And it's not just any ex. It's THE ex. The one that shattered my confidence for all eternity by breaking up with me. ME! Yes, hard as it may be to believe, HE dumped ME, and now he's all like:

"guess who stopped by to say hello. I used to be ur bellisimo. lol"

My bellisimo? Really? That's what you came with? Whatever, negro... and just because you still look good don't mean shit. I mean, I was courteous in my response because my mami raised me right, and because I'm not gonna assume his intentions are anything more than just saying "hi" but I'm annoyed. Mostly because I'm not feeling well, but still annoyed.

It's shit like this that sometimes makes me think I might have to leave Brooklyn for a little bit... too many people I know be out here, finding me and shit...damn computers!

*smooches...wishing that I wasn't so G.D. unforgettable*
in other news, I've started watching Season 4 of The Office and all I have to say is NO Dwight DIDN'T!!! Poor Sprinkles...


12kyle said...

first? damn! i haven't been first over here in years! lol

myspace? you are are wayyy too internet accessible. haaaaa

you know i'll be tuning in tonight!!!

Muze said...

i went out to this club on saturday and was pleased to know i still got it too. :)

except... the one my friends chose to go to for their bday had half-naked 'go-go' dancers hanging from the ceiling and standing on the bar, and most of the dudes that hit on me (besides this one REALLY cute member of the security team) were drunk and blowing their nasty breath in my face, standing too damn close to me, and asking all kinds of inappropriate things.

damn i hate being single. lol. i was expecting to go to a jazz lounge or something, being that they (twins) turned 27... but we were in that hotbootyshaking mess of a place.

woooo saaaa. ANYhoo.

THAT guy sounds yummy. lol.

boooo allergies. i attack them with meds before they can even get started.

lol @ bellisimo.

hope all is well hun. *smiles*

Muze said...

oh... and i'll have to catch the re-broadcast of your show. big game tonight. hopefully we'll be 6-0!

Muze said...

oh.2... average to ugly guys DO treat you better. cute guys are mean. lol.

well, at least that's the theory.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

don't hate on the young dudes, they need love too.

if he googleing you maybe he has found this blog.

The Jaded NYer said...

@12kyle- I need to keep that MySpace open for when I'm ready to really blow up... I hear it's a good marketing tool :D

@muze- um... can you stop playing in my comments? lol

I agree that there comes a time when the bootyshakin clubs are just not the move anymore, and 27 might just be that time... HA!

So ugly dudes treat you better, huh? But damn, I don't want to throw up everytime we see each other... is there no happy medium?

(good luck at the game tonight; I love to hear about female athletes doing their thing!)

@super dave- well if he's found this blog goody for him; I hope he enjoys the read...

Muze said...

lmao. sorry girl. i kept saying oh! lol.

The Jaded NYer said...

HA! I know... I do the same thing...

clnmike said...

Man stop playing high post and break that young buck off something.

Kelly said...

If you don't want to take pills from the pharmacy, you can always try quercetin, which you can find at any GNC or Vitamin Shoppe. It's found in things like apples and is a naturally occurring antihistamine, without all of the nasty side effects.

I think guys who are more average looking are generally nicer because they know how to appreciate a good thing when they have it. Guys who are above average looking become used to getting what they want because of their looks and take a good woman for granted.

Personally? A guy becomes MUCH more attractive the more I get to know him and the better he treats me. That's when the average guy becomes gorgeous and the beautiful man turns into a dog.

Wow, that was awkward said...

I've been gone from your blog too long. Nice to see you are as sassy-pants as ever.

dipsetjam said...

Hope your allergies stop acting up.

"This is the place were stars are born"

Can-Do said...

Hip-hop. VH1 Honors was pretty good tonight. I was watching Naughty by Nature and got really nostalgic for the old age of party hip-hop. Hiphop hooraaay, hooo, heeey, hooo! yeah, it was fun.

The Jaded NYer said...

@clnmike- figures you'd take his side...

@kelly- I like that I can always count on you to come with the homeopathic remedy... you truly understand my hatred for pharmaceuticals

and I guess everybody else new about the average guy thing but me... so should I stop chasing fine-ass Boris Kodjoe? lol

@wow- man, business as usual over here, except now I gots me a radio show... pure buffoonery, now coming thru your speakers!

@dipsetjam- I started to feel bad when I got home. Maybe I'm allergic to work...

@can-do- I'll have to watch the repeats online... gotta see my boy Rick the Ruler!!