Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sin Miedo

I don't know if y'all were all aware that Mari started a new blog. She doesn't post as often as I do (nobody's as crazy as I am with this blogging schedule) but what she does post is pretty meaningful. One post in particular introduced me to the One Word Challenge, where one selects a word they will embody for the whole year. Mari is choosing to SHINE this year and I am behind her 100%. She deserves a huge spotlight on all of the awesome things she's accomplished, the encouragement she offers and the size of her heart.

Me? This year I choose to be FEARLESS.

I will keep going to yoga even though I'm scared to death of the wall-assisted half-handstand, and I will master that bitch. I will go to the gym and try that TRX resistance strand boot camp class. Sometime this spring I will begin CrossFit. I will walk away from my conventional diet and embrace the Paleo lifestyle as close to 100% as possible in this modern world w/my limited financial resources.

I will write my family's biography- even the Penzos- as well as that Spanish novel that's dancing around my head. I will finish all the projects on my TO DO list, if not this year then the next. They will all get done and I won't stop until that happens. I will read in public and not only in the comfort of my own events. I will branch out and read aloud at unfamiliar venues for unfamiliar crowds.

I will speak my mind when I need to and not let things boil inside my throat until I implode. And even if my opinion differs from everyone around me, I will say what needs to be said.

I won't let The Voices scare me into backing down.

This year I choose to be fearless. This year I won't just repeat Ani's lyrics in my head as a mantra, I will scream it from everywhere as loud as possible, until everyone knows it to be true.


seriously, ani is the only Blanc I'll give a pass to on the White Dreads. everyone else, NO BUENO.