Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Meet Me Halfway

Whenever I get one of those creepy old lady thoughts, the ones where The Voices are all, "Girl you ain't no spring chicken. You might want to think of just settling for the next loser that says hi" I seriously have to fight them in their face.

I won't settle. Even if it means I'm alone in my 50s. I had my fun after my divorce but now I must enforce some standards. I can't be bettering myself and then end up with garbage for a life partner. And I don't need perfection, but damn, dawg, show me that you're trying to make progress. All I see around me is NO.

I'm just saying.

*smooches...a little tired of NY men*
at this stage in the game, all the good ones are taken. they were snatched up while I wasted my time being married to you-know-who.