Thursday, January 12, 2012

Attention Potential Beaus...

Taken from an interview conducted by Tim Donnelly on Brokelyn of Edith Zimmerman (The Hairpin), and filled in with MY answers (which are very different from Ms. Zimmerman's):

Rate the following in order of importance: handyman skills, income, comfort with slaughtering own dinner meat, number of apple devices owned, number of Tumblr followers, personal hygiene, relationship with mother, home library selection, knowledge of the bond derivatives market, whiskey knowledge, facial hair:

1. Personal hygiene
2. Facial hair
3. Home library selection
4. Comfort with slaughtering own dinner meat
5. Relationship with mother
6. Handyman skills
7. Whiskey knowledge
8. Income
9. Knowledge of the bond derivatives market
10. Number of apple devices owned
11. Number of Tumblr followers

Now that you know what matters to me, proceed with the sending of love poems, Buffalo-wing-o-grams and deeds to Park Slope Brownstones.

*smooches...wondering who will respond*
especially since it's been a ghost town in the comments lately. I think I scared all the fellas away LOL