Wednesday, January 04, 2012

In 2012, I Will Have A Full House At A Reading

Gone are the days when only five people showed up to hear me and my fellow writers bare our souls through our stories. In fact, I'm going to pretend those days don't even exist. The past is the past. This is the year people will fill the seats at my events and leave wanting more. I can almost feel it in my bones!

In two weeks, when La Pluma y La Tinta hosts it's 3rd Annual January reading, all of my New Yorkers will be there to support real literature. No, there won't be a celebrity host (just me!) or alcohol (unless you count what we'll be drinking at the bar afterward) or any other incentive except enjoying some great poetry and stories.

This is a free event, but our host-venue would surely appreciate your donations. So you're coming, right? RIGHT?

*smooches...feeling that this year will be different*
I'm telling you, I just KNOW y'all gonna come through this year fo' sho'!