Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Keyboard Courage: A Cure Is Here!

I love blogging! I truly enjoy sharing my life and opinions and photos with the internets and getting to connect with my friends, family and complete strangers around the world. It tickles me to no end. There is, however, a downside to opening yourself up to so much scrutiny. While the blogging community has been awesome to me and my site, so many others have fallen victim to the trolls who are overcome with a serious case of Keyboard Courage.

While afflicted with this terrible disease, comment trolls cannot help but pour out the misery of their own lives onto the blogs of perfectly lovely people. Like my girl Bangsy, who was told to "kill herself" by an overzealous Madonna fan or the homie Smarty who was scolded for "judging" Bishop Eddie Long John Silver. Most recently I saw it on a very innocent and quaint site I've been frequenting lately, the Adulting Blog, when the author suggested that adults shouldn't decorate their apartments like dorm rooms by hanging up erotic pictures. People really got all their panties in millions of bunches at this, and I can only imagine what manner of auto body shop, naked girl calendar photos and Shemar Moore posters are hanging all over the basements these folks are "renting" from their mommas.

The good news is there's a cure. YES! Tell all the trolls you know that they don't have to spread their evil, immaturity and stupidity anymore because Keyboard Courage is no longer something they must suffer from. All they need is:

Because really, do people have NOTHING else going on in their lives that they have to go on someone's blog and, instead of politely disagreeing with whatever was posted they tell the author to DIE? REALLY? I have to die because I think Nickelback is a sucky band or have not been seduced by Steve Jobs and his iTools of the devil? Surely there's a straitjacket with your name on it somewhere if you can't conduct yourself with some decorum in society- on- and offline!

I've been lucky; I've not a had a troll on these pages in ::thinks:: hmm, never, and I hope I don't ever encounter one, but at least I know if I do, I can offer them some help.

*smooches...hoping to save lives with this post*
no one has to die over a Madonna disagreement. Never again!