Monday, January 23, 2012

I Made A Bet

So the Giants and the Patriots are all REEEE-MATCH for the Super Bowl on February 5th, and as many of you know, I have much family up in the Boston area so we're a bit divided on this game. But it's always fun to send them stank messages of "Your team sucks" or "We're gonna kick your ass" whenever I can, especially because the Mets don't play the Red Sox during the regular season. This is the only time a little friendly competition can occur between us.

This afternoon I decided to send Nina a little reminder of the fact that THE GIANTS RULE AND THE PATRIOTS DROOL and sweetened it all with a friendly wager. If Eli gets some act right and brings it home, Nina has to come to NYC and go rock wall climbing with me all day. If the Patriots catch a lucky break and win, I have to go to Massachusetts to... SKI! I almost died when she chose that activity, because y'all already know I don't partake of activities where my two feet aren't planted firmly on solid ground or something like it. And I hate to fall. I'll do anything not to fall. Falling is one of my biggest phobias. Falling leads to broken bones. Broken bones means pain and doctors and hospital stays and OPERATIONS.

But I'm no punk. And also, the Giants are going to win so whatever.


*smooches...wishing I had learned from the last bet I made*
damn Buffalo Bills from hell. I will forever hate them...