Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Voices Present: Wednesday!

The things we think about when Jaded is asleep, busy with deadlines or otherwise occupied...

~You know who is a great writer? Joss Whedon. And not just because he was the mega-genius behind "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer," either. He wrote for "Roseanne" and if you enjoyed Disney/Pixar's "Toy Story" then guess what? You're a Joss Whedon fan.

~It's so easy to approach the dudes we don't really want aka The Unfuckables (homies, marrieds, gays). The ones we really like leave us dumbfounded, confused, insecure and fumbling for the right things to say.

~In other news, we don't like engaging with ugly dudes (gollums!) in the club, lest the cuties think we're already taken. We hate being bitches about it but DANG can you take three steps to the left so that the chocolate Adonis by the bar can see us?!

~The bar has been raised for Jaded's literary readings. Which is a fancy, roundabout way of saying she'll be charging admission now. It's a necessary evil since the venue charges a fee per hour. Stay tuned!

~We'd ALLLLLL like to be J. Cole's groupies. Now, someone lend us an age-reversal machine so we don't look like Madame Cougar Tasha Mack up in these streets.

~We watched "The Game" last night. In real time. On a TV! It was nice but what were those smaller, nonsensical 30-second shows they played in between scenes about cars and such? We were most confused.

~Jaded still wants another baby, y'all. We tried to talk her out of it but just the other day she was googling pregnancy after 35 n shit.

~Kevin Smith is alright with us. Even after "Jersey Girl" which actually wasn't as horrible as you think. We won't discuss "Cop Out," though. We just won't.

~One thing we learned so far this year: we're horrible at marketing and public relations for The Jaded Empire. Is there a Learning Annex class we can take to fix that?

~We have been uninspired lately. We think, quite unexpectedly, we're grieving for Monday Musings and everything it could have been and wasn't. Eventually we'll focus on other opportunities, but for now, we're grieving.

*smooches...loving this opportunity to shine*
Jaded is so stingy with her brain AND her blog! she hardly ever lets us come out to play :)