Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Ten Things I'd Like To Try In 2011

These aren't resolutions. These are things I'd like to cross off my "If I Have Time And Money One Day" list.

1- Shooting. I've always considered myself a knife gal. It's more personal to get up in there and...um, I mean, I just think knives are pretty. Like metal art. But I've had so many people recommend I try shooting lately that, oh, what the heck. I want to see what the big deal is already.

2- Make Sancocho. Right now, if I want this tasty Dominican stew I have to ask my aunt for a batch or travel way uptown to The Heights to grab a quick bowl of it. I'd like to see if I can make one myself...even if my attempt to make habichuelas con dulce failed miserably *sigh*

3- Go Back To School. This, of course, requires funds and time and a finished MFA degree (although not really because my MFA is a terminal degree, but for sanity's sake let's pretend I need to finish it BEFORE I start school again), but I've been toying with the idea since 2007. I'd like to try that Comparative Lit program at CUNY. It sounds fun!

4- Boxing. When I had a trainer in 2004, he introduced me to kickboxing and I liked it a lot. Go figure- ME, into punching and kicking! And one of my all-time favorite films is "Girlfight" with Michelle Rodriguez. Plus I love to read Bangsy's tweets about her boxing class...it sounds like the type of exercise I can appreciate: beating the shit out of something. I still hate the sport, but for shits and giggles I'd like to give it a go.

5- Conscious Cooking. Sometimes I sit and think about all the shit I feed my kids and get sad. I've always wanted to be more tuned into the foods I prepare for them: from where did they come? Did the farmers use harmful pesticides, etc? What was the carbon footprint of the meal I just made? I think I'll experiment with that occasionally and see if I can sustain it.

6- Write A Novel. The idea is so beyond me. I'm a 100%, bonified short-story girl through and through, but eh, why not? I got some old manuscripts I found in a file a few months ago. Maybe I can turn them into something, without the constraints of a contest or deadline or anything. Just write a lil novel when the mood strikes and see what develops.

7- Attend A Black Tie Event. I want to wear a ballgown and be fancy. Make-up, hair, nails, shoes and a magnificent, red-carpet-worthy dress. Sometimes even us Jaded Gals like to feel like a princess, you know? I'm gonna try for one in 2011.

8- Driving. Maybe. Y'all make suuuuuuuch a big deal about it. "You don't know how to drive? You're such a New Yorker!" Is that an insult? Because I wear that scarlet NY on my chest with pride! Still, same as with shooting, I'd like to see what all the hubbub is with driving. Meh.

9- Detaching From Electronics. This has been on my mind a lot. It probably isn't possible for too long, seeing as I have this blog (and others) to maintain, but I like the idea of being unplugged and off the grid, you know, so that SkyNet doesn't take over my life 100%. I'm going to toy with this from time to time so don't be surprised if you have to send smoke signals to get a message to me.

10- Falling In Love. I want to try it. I hear it's nice even when it doesn't last. The End.

*smooches...wondering how many I can get done in 12 months*
my money's on the shooting and the sancocho...'cause you know I love violence and food!