Monday, January 03, 2011

I Heard A Rumor That Sisters Are Forever

...and if Hallmark is telling the truth, I guess I lucked out with this crazy heifer right here.

She's my road dog, my #1 cheerleader and frankly, my first baby. I can count on her for anything and I hope she knows that goes both ways.

My dear, lovely, Jaded readers, take a quick moment to wish my Lil Sis and the Marketing and Special Events Manager of The Jaded Empire (a title she EARNED, not one handed down via nepotism), Mari, a fantabulous 27th birthday!!!

I love you, sis. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

In fact, I love you so much, I put together this palylist of songs I hate (except for "Under the Bridge") just for you.


*smooches...just for Mari on her special day*
and sorry, fellas, but she's not on the market. keep it moving. nothing to see here.