Monday, January 24, 2011

Some Monday Notes

Just a few things I want to say real quick and then I'm outta here:

1- The homie Super Dave VanBuren of Baby Daddy Diaries sent me a sample of his homemade BBQ sauce, and despite the fact that he didn't send an ingredient list and/or the nutritional information (I just hope it's low in sodium and does not have Soylent Green as one of the top 3 ingredients), I made a couple of dishes with it- a turkey meatloaf and a small batch of turkey burgers. The sauce is yum, and pending that ingredient list it gets the Jaded Seal of Approval from me and the babies.

2- My sister from another mister, Muireann from Bangs and a Bun, is running in the Paris Half Marathon in a couple of weeks and could really use your support. She's come together with a dozen or so other runners to raise money for a shelter for women escaping domestic violence situations, which I feel is an amazing cause and you should, too. Visit her site to see what you can do to help!

3- I will be reading this Saturday in Manhattan at Space on White as the New Voices Reading Series starts up again, and you can click HERE for more information and to get your tickets. Yes, tickets. We would really appreciate your support.

4- Something something something, space holder blah blah blah so I can have five items in this post. Shut up. You know the drill.

5- I'm taking a blog break. See you when I see you.

*smooches...with not a whole lot else to say*
things have been pretty quiet over here so what better time to chillax?