Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vedic Jaded, Part Deaux

Long ago and far away, I began to study Vedic meditation. For three months I spent 20 minutes each morning and on my evening commute on a journey to better health, happiness and interpersonal relationships. Then I allowed a bump in my schedule interrupt that journey.

A year and a half later, I'm a hot holy mess.

So of course when I got an email from the meditation center announcing a refresher course for those who've let go of their practice, I RSVPd. And in typical Jaded fashion, when the time came to go I tried to find excuses to stay home and skip it. But I'm not THAT person anymore. Well, I AM that person but I'm aware of how destructive that person is...or rather I've ALWAYS BEEN AWARE of how destructive that person is and am finally attempting to put my foot down with her. NO MAS.

I went. I meditated. I promised myself I'd continue for the next seven days and then check back in with the group. I have to do this like an addict- one day at a time- because I am one. I'm addicted to an unhealthy lifestyle that provides instant gratification but is destroying me in the long run. I've been on this drug practically my whole life and it will be an uphill struggle to break free.

But I don't want to die from a heart attack in my 50s because I never took care of my body. I don't want to really drink the Windex because I never took care of my mind. And I don't want to end up on the clock tower in downtown Brooklyn because I never took care of my soul.

So seven days. One day at a time. Twenty minutes in the morning and then again before dinner.

Dr. Drew would be so proud!

*smooches...getting all new-agey on your ass*
you can't tell, but this is all part of my master plan to unplug more. Take THAT, SkyNet!