Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Power Of Words

More than anything else I've learned in all my days on this earth, I've learned the power behind the words we say. Like calling a kid stupid or lazy; that shit stays with them for life. Or how saying things like, "I'm fat and lazy" stays in your psyche and keeps you from doing better. I know because I live this everyday.

For a very long time (as in all my life) I was known for being to late to things- work, parties, dates, etc. Was I late because people expected it of me therefore it felt like a free pass to take my time? Or was I late because I was always unprepared, etc? It doesn't matter because I made a conscious effort last year to end all of that lateness BS and be on time to things. If promptness wasn't possible I made sure to alert whomever I was meeting. Courteous shit like that. It was just a matter of saying to myself, "Don't be late. You will not be late. Lateness is not cute. Get moving NOW or you'll be late." I've since improved so much with that mantra. Not 100% but damn near 93% for sure.

I want us all to take this example and roll with it. We're not fat, lazy, broke, incapable, bad people. Well, some of us ARE all these things but there's still time to change it around. We can get active, save our money and do good deeds. It all starts with what you say to yourself and what you allow others to say to or about you.

Words are so powerful, mightier than the sword in fact. What you say matters so much, whether it's to yourself or to someone else. It would be nice if we all took a moment to choose our words wisely.

YOU ARE SOMEBODY. I AM SOMEBODY. And we can all be the greatest WHATEVER we set our minds to be.

Look in the mirror and tell yourself so.

*smooches...sharing some of positive words*
I figured I'd do something like this whenever I'm feeling shitty, to counteract the bluesy blues. but please, someone stop me if I ever add in cutesy videos of kittens frolicking or pandas sneezing!