Friday, January 07, 2011

Inappropriate BBMs, Vol. 6

I don't know why people still engage in online conversations with me. I get that keyboard courage and it's all down hill from there. Actually, who am I kidding? I'd say this shit to your face and we both know it...

FRIEND: OMG, this lil' dude is a freak. Why is he sending me freaky text messages from the financial aid office?

ME: He's about to spend his entire refund check on you LMAO! SIDENOTE: I think I'll sign all my tweets, "Love & Balls, Jaded" from now on...

FRIEND: LMAO!!! I can't stand you for ALL of that!

ME: He gon make it rain on your vagina...

FRIEND: OK, I'm done. Dude just asked if I swallow. O_O Ni**a I don't KNOW. YOU!

ME: You don't like the taste of unknown pee-pee juice?


*smooches...unsure of how and when I became so vulgar*
I blame the media.