Wednesday, August 11, 2010

September Is Right Around The Corner

This means that Monday Musings will begin again. The babies will be back in school full time. Also, my literary readings for La Pluma y La Tinta are starting up again.

Which of course means schedules will have to be made, promotional materials and marketing plans will have to be put into effect and lots of networking will need to be done. Like NOW.

*looks at busy ass calendar*

So, um, slavery ended, you say? Are you sure? There's no place in NYC where I could get me an educated slave real quick? Preferably one that is web savvy and has exceptional phone skills?

WHAT?! Don't look at me like that! It's not like I was going to make them sleep in a closet, feed them slop and whip them if they end sentences in prepositions. I promise- neither El Generalissimo NOR Lady Estrogen will be in charge of the slave, okay? NOW will you tell me where I can find one???

Because otherwise all of you who are waiting to ride the Jaded Empire Media gravy train will be waiting a loooooonnnnnnggggggg time!

*smooches...totally not joking about that slave thing*
wait- what was that? they're called INTERNS now? OH! well why didn't you say so! Right. so replace the word SLAVE with INTERN in this post, and proceed to find me one. Please and thank you.