Sunday, August 08, 2010

Let Me Tell You What's Wrong With This Country, Vol. 356

No one is compensated accordingly. "They" say capitalism breeds competition which breeds efficiency, etc, but if one isn't compensated accordingly, it kills the entire concept.

If you're on a soccer team, and your team loses, and you SUCK as a player, should you get a trophy and a pat on the back? HELL FUCKING NO! So why do they do that for kid leagues? That's that bullshit we're teaching kids from the beginning. Only the best should be rewarded and the rest will be given something to aspire to.

If your grades suck or are mediocre, should you be allowed to take someone's seat at a prestigious school because they want a diverse student population? WTF kind of logic is that? "Oh but they didn't have the same advantages..." *sigh* Where there's a will, there's a way. It's capitalism, see?

If you're the CEO of company X *cough*VERIZON*cough* and under your leadership company stocks drop dramatically and continue to do so no matter what the economic climate in the nation, should you get a huge bonus and golden parachute? Where's the reasoning here? And why aren't shareowners more up in arms about this BS?

Sometimes I wonder why I live here...oh yeah, that's right- I can't get Atomic Wings anywhere else.

* you a random rant just because it's Wednesday*
I should send this post to Obama, so he can add it to the trillions of complaints I'm sure he gets every day :)