Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our Tragedy Is Not Your Tour Stop!!!

I've been spending a lot of time in the Wall Street area lately and I've noticed something that I didn't think would bother me as much as it does. Tourists swarming around the World Trade Center site as if it's the freaking Met.

I can't tell you how many foreigners I've had approach me and ask in their broken English, "World Trade Center, please?" At first I would point them in the direction of the site. Then I started to really get disgusted with them. Really? Taking pictures and peeking through the fence to see the rubble? Now, just for kicks I'll respond with a "It doesn't exist; the buildings were BOMBED!" or a "No speekee dee eenglish" or a simple side eye and walk away.

Fuck you and your morbid curiosity! Are you kidding me with this bullshit? And while you're at it, tell Bloomberg and all the rest of those assholes to sit on a crab-infested dick for allowing this tragedy to become a tourist attraction. What the hell do you hope to see over there? A skeleton? Bomb remnants? WHAT??? Just go ride the ferry or annoy people along 5th Avenue trying to shop for things you can't afford and LEAVE THE WORLD TRADE CENTER ALONE. I totally want to go all Julia Sugarbaker on them for real:

September 11, 2001 was a terrible day. I was all the way in the Bronx TERRIFIED that those two buildings were not the only targets, knowing that my mom and aunt were working in midtown and unable to get to them. I knew Irene was close by in the Chase building and I couldn't reach her, either. Phone lines were fucked up and I couldn't reach anyone and I was freaking out because I just KNEW they weren't done. I just KNEW the Empire State building (two blocks away from my mom) and the Chrysler building (a few blocks away from my aunt) were next and I wasn't afforded the opportunity to freak out because I was at work, starting my new job at a private school in Riverdale. And that's just one story from someone who was far, far away from all of it up on W242nd Street. There are much more horrifying, first-person accounts of that day. We all STILL have nightmares about it, and to this day loud noises in Manhattan make me jump and fear for my life. FOR MY FREAKING LIFE!

Is THAT what you're hoping to get from visiting the site? Well lookit there, I just saved you the trouble. Now you can avoid a Jaded beat-down and NOT GO TO THE WTC SITE AS IF IT'S A STOP ON YOUR WORLD TOUR!

And don't even get me started on this mosque nonsense I keep hearing about! Give me a freakin' break already! Now you want to control what religious institutions get built? Today it's a mosque, tomorrow it's a synagogue... When will it end?

* done with tourists & politicos it's not even funny*
let one mo' fool ask me how to get there and see if they don't get assaulted right there in front of Trinity Church!