Monday, August 16, 2010

...And Then I WIll Watch Oprah Cry...

In the last few weeks, I've been pulling away from the internets more and more: my tweets have quieted down, the blog world is hardly a priority and please- facebook has never been my cup of tea. I don't want any of you to take it personally, though, especially if you've noticed I've been avoiding the real life social scene, too. I've just had other things crawl to the top of my TO DO list.

At the tippy top are the babies. Last year I was hardly home, telling myself they were old enough to be without me. But then I noticed K would scrunch up her face whenever I said I was going out and N would give me the puppy dog eyes with a, “you're going out?” So I slowed it down. They actually want to spend time with me and who am I to say no? One day they're going to loathe the day I was ever born so I need to take advantage of this time right now.

Then there's the writing. Because I've given up on trying to find a gig that will pay me to write I've refocused my energy into my own creative projects. Basically the things that will help get the Jaded Empire off the ground sooner rather than later, like getting published (2011 is THE year, folks. I ain't playing!) and finishing my scripts (for both film & TV. Hey, if Oprah can do it, sheeeiiitttt...). That means I have actually set aside time when I sit and write and don't get up until my wrists hurt (carpal tunnel, you limey bastard!).

That said, those of you vying for a place in the Jaded Empire need to start preparing yourselves, too. When the time comes I will need all you creatives, accountants, agents, etc to have your shit together and be ready to make the Empire fuckin' awesome. You need to get published. You need to have reputable clients. You need to have some movie and TV projects under your belt. I'm not trying to be Tyler Perry up in this bitch and distribute a bunch of mediocre work. Nah, son, not the kid!

When a product is released under the Jaded Empire umbrella, it needs to be the embodiment of excellence every time. No men in drag cooning it up on the screen and no glossy-covered paperbacks with ghetto-esque titles. Not on my watch! The world will look at the art we create and say, “Damn! How can I get a job there? They STAY turning out quality sh*t!!” There will be no negotiating on that.

Won't the powers that be shit themselves when I take over? HA... I can't wait!

Get on board or get cut shot out of the way.

* ready for this*
feel free to start lobbying for corner offices and such; I need to know how big of an office space I will need to buy or lease.