Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Seré Un Sueño Que Si Se Cumplió"

Today is an epic day, my loyalest of loyal readers. Are you even ready for it? Are you?

I sent out my very first story submission to a literary journal. Like, FOR REAL.

All last night I edited this story, making sure every paragraph was as tight as possible, checked the spelling on all the Spanish words, wrote a bio, a cover letter, printed it out, addressed the envelopes and then, today, I MAILED IT OUT.

LAWD I cannot express how nervous I was throughout the entire process. It's my very first submission and, I mean, what are the chances that the first one will be accepted. Sure, I know my stories are awesome, and y'all know my stories are awesome, but will the editor of The Dos Passos Review think my submission is worth publishing?

Whatever. I can't be concerned with that. I'm just going to relish in the fact that I popped my submission cherry, and that from here on out it should be old hat to send stuff out, right? Bottom line is I've sat on my hands long enough with this writing career. I want my book on the shelves ASAP. Grandma isn't around to see what I was able to accomplish, but I really want to share this with Papi. It's only fair, seeing as they have always been my motivating force.

Next up? Gival Press and the Room of Her Own Foundation. My stories WILL be told. Bitches.

*smooches...feeling almighty & powerful all of a sudden*
"who gon' check me, boo?"