Monday, July 05, 2010

"Listen, Yo' Ass Is About To Be Missin......"

My ex-husband C and I have these two beautiful girls that we've promised to bring up as best we can even after we split up. That was the whole point of a quick and friendly divorce.

These girls grow like weeds and need food, clothes, etc all the time. I pay more than I should for a crappy apartment because it's safe and the schools are great. I hate that I depend on child support payments to make ends meet but it's a fact in my life right now and it's for the good of my children so I swallowed my pride and told the lawyer YES, I'd like to sue for child support.

So color me surprised when my ex-husband announced he quit his job at a private university (which by the way would have paid for my soon-to-be-graduating-from-HS daughter's college tuition) and was going to move in with his fiance and look for a new job.

No new job lined up. No separate bedroom for my babies in the fiance's house. No savings. No real plan in place. Just the foolish notion that in THIS economy he should have no trouble finding something new because he has his Master's degree.


Motherfucker *I* have my Master's degree. The dude that was waiting in line behind me at the Unemployment Office? He was a CFO somewhere for 12 years, and told me of his friend with a PhD who had to move back home with his parents.

But I'm sure you'll have NO TROUBLE looking for work.

I swear, this negro STAY testing me...

Like how many new ways will he have for displaying his lameness to me? Does he not think I don't already regret ever meeting him everyday of my life? Is that not enough? He has to go and put my children's well-being in jeopardy? I wonder if he remembers that I got laid off last year, and that I've been looking for work since June of 2009 with no luck? And that I depend on that money to help with the expenses I incur raising the kids he only sees every other weekend and during the summer break?

I don't mind pulling my own weight because I do and I can, and I'm not trying to be petty about money, but man I fucking divorced you so that I wouldn't have to pull YOUR dead-ass-weight anymore but here I am, once again, scrambling to find a way to bail MY little family out of YOUR financial MESS.

Jesus H. Christ!!! I hope he proves me wrong and finds a job by August...

*smooches...ready for that blue pill right about now*
I think it's safe to say that our friendship and/or amicable divorce is on the rocks. Permanently. The worst thing I ever did in life was fuck that man...