Monday, July 12, 2010

"Everybody's Got Their Dues In Life To Pay"

I'm not sure what's going on in my subconscious, but I was having the weirdest dreams last night. Maybe you dream enthusiasts can help me out here.

In the first one, Mari & I were in London for school. Don't ask me why we'd EVER be taking the same classes overseas but whatever. In the dream we decide to go on an excursion through the city with the intention of being back at a certain time for our class. Well, something (which I can't remember right now) made us extremely late and I went on a RAMPAGE in the dorms- slamming doors, thrashing my bag on the walls, stomping in the halls, screaming at the top of my longs. Just this manifestation of so much anger the likes of which I've never seen. What was THAT about?!

I woke up from that dream greeted by some severe cramps, so maybe that was the cause? Who knows!

In the next dream, I was in my old apartment on Greene Avenue in BedStuy, the last one we lived in on the 3rd floor, and there were these guys who kept coming through the apartment criticizing everything I was doing. At least I think that's what they were doing because it's about 9AM right now as I type this and the dream happened about three hours ago. Mari was in that one, too, and she was all, "What's the matter?" And I said, "These assholes keep coming in here with their stupid opinions that NOBODY cares about!!" and then she aligned herself with me to get rid of them.

What the hell??

1- I need Mari to stop being such an attention whore that she's appearing in my dreams, and


Someone, please, feel free to tell me what all this means!

*smooches...wishing my brain would shut up sometimes*
and you can tell I'm all verklempt this morning because my list only has TWO items. I may not make it to this evening in one piece :(