Friday, July 30, 2010

"Esa Negrita Sabe De Todo"

Ahhhhh, tis my last "musical" post for a while and it has been FUN, no? This week I wanted to go out with a bang, only featuring salsa and merengue GREATS, and I'm sorry I didn't do this all month because I had to exclude so many amazing songs. Maybe next year.

So this post is brought to you by one of my most favorite songs by one of my most favorite artists, la difunta Cubana Celia Cruz (RIP, negrona bella!). Why? Because this song reminds me of parties the likes of which I haven't seen since I was a kid and my grandparents still lived at 68 Patchen Avenue (BROOOOKLLYYYYYYNNNNNN STAND UP!). And because now that I've dove into the publishing game, working hard to keep my promise to myself (published by 2011 OR BUST!!), all I can think of is the AMAZING book release party I will throw once it's all said and done.

Picture it:

I will rent out a place like Gustavino's or maybe even Sofrito or fuck it- BEMBE. I will have Mami & Titi Gloris cater it. Forget those bourgeoisie pastries and cupcakes EVERYONE has at their events; I will serve pudin de pan and dulce de coco and arroz con leche and habichuelas dulce. The main course will consist of chivo and lechon and all manner of shit I don't even eat but screams SANTO DOMINGO. Five kinds of rice with as many kinds of beans. Pastelillos. Papas rellenas. Chicharron de pollo. Mofongo. The bar will only have Brugal, Barceló, Mamajuana and ice cold Presidente. If you don't like alcohol we'll gladly make you a morir soñando or some ice cold Malta morena or refrescos.

Tables will be set out all around with copies of the book on display for you to peruse. On one wall will be slides of all the accolades and positive reviews I will receive from Publisher's Weekly and The New York Times Book Review. I might even invite that heffa Oprah.

My dress? A Nicole Miller original. My shoes? I'm not wearing any (my party, my rules!). My hair? Running wild with curls. And my makeup minimal save for some dark red lipstick.

I will ask my favorite DJ- DJ Medina- to spin all the songs he knows I like, so be prepared to be entertained by a plethora of classic salsa, merengue, timba and samba music all night long. And about an hour into the party, I will have him play this song for me to walk out to:

I will situate myself in front of a podium and read from the first chapter of my book. My guests will be listening attentively. When I finish, everyone will reward me w/a thunderous applause, and then swarm the podium to congratulate me and ask me to sign their copy of my book. I will graciously hold an impromptu book signing for all my adoring fans.

And it will be grand.

You're all invited.

*smooches...devoting a lot of positive energy to this dream*
it's about time, no?

Just make sure you RSVP because the list will be enforced at the door by five really big dudes and the gift bags personalized.