Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Recuerda Se Ven Las Caras Y Jamás El Corazón"

Remember in the film Mean Girls, how badly Cady, Janis and Damian kinda really wanted to infiltrate the Plastics? And who could blame them? Those girls had power, were attractive and could always be found at the center of COOL. From the outside looking in, the Plastics were the bees' knees (c) School of Rock.

But upon closer inspection, they were riddled with low self-esteem, eating disorders, misdirection and inner UGLY. When I first saw this movie I thought how lucky I felt that Brooklyn Tech didn't really have this sort of division amongst the student population- it's kinda hard to act tough and cool at a school for nerds. (Negro, we ALL KNOW you took a test and passed it to get in here. We KNOW you be studying. Ain't no future in frontin'!!)

Little did I know I'd encounter these stereotypes as an adult. Isn't that sad? But yeah, I found myself caught up in their plastic world, just like Cady. I was blinded by the glitz, caught up in the glamour, enamored with their image and lifestyle, until I finally snapped out of it.

My awakening began last year and continued into this summer. I just woke up one day and realized a lot of these people are full of shit. They don't really care about anyone but themselves and LIVE to judge and put down, dangling their imagined and supposed popularity and notoriety as a weapon instead of recognizing it as an opportunity to do some good. Basically, they were fake-ass fakers and I HARDLY have the time or energy to deal with them as a whole.

Sure, I met many a genuine person through this ordeal, some whom I consider friends. But the rest of these mofos can kick rocks. Don't invite me anywhere if it means I have to schmooze with you. Feel free to say hi and air kiss me when we see each other but know that I will not ask you how you are because I don't care how you are, just like I know you don't care how I am and probably relish at all my misfortunes and sit at home wishing poxes upon my houses (but that could just be the vanity speaking LOL).

Hopefully the day will never come when you will need something from me. Surely my sense of right and wrong and retribution will be tested: do I behave like a vindictive little brat and turn you down, relishing in the fact that now I have something over YOU? Or do I just avoid any negative karma and help you? UGH! That will be tough.

And yes, I do understand that like the Plastics, many of these folks are also scared of not being liked, and their behavior is a way to cover that up. I get that. I feel for them. I wish they'd been hugged more as children. Told they were pretty or handsome. Praised for the things they do well and corrected when they went astray. However I can't be everyone's mother or shrink. If you're an adult, grow up. I empathize with your inner child's hurt and anguish, but I don't have to put up with it.

Not at all.

So I won't.

*smooches...gettin all ballsy now that I submitted my 1st story*
I wonder what will happen if I actually get published?! sheeeiiittttt, I might just go around calling people out their