Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Park Slope And I Made Up

Ever since I decided to stop being a bitch and just enjoy my kids for once, it's been smooth sailing. For real.

Monday, for dinner, we went along 7th Avenue for some book shopping at Barnes and Noble (for the babies; N got a Chef's kit, K got the latest Coldplay CD), then some very delicious Italian grub at Tutta Pasta (stuffed mushrooms, seafood ravioli), and finally, our favorite frozen treat- Haagen Dazs (cookies n cream, butter pecan and cookie dough).

Ahhh 7th Avenue... how could I have ever talked so nastily about you, when I love you so? Even if that Brownstone I've been drooling over is $2.6 million...


Plus the Miracle Mets are in first place :)

Now I know you haters are gonna dis my boys in the comments, but nothing you say can bring me down off this high!

I feel so good that I'm gifting this "feel good" playlist. No need to thank me. Just play it and feel good :)

*smooches...with T minus 4 days until MERENGUE NIGHT @ Shea*
in other news, I went to the 25th Anniversary of Video Music Box on Friday in Central Park, and SPECIAL ED took the stage looking just as FYNE as he did when he first came on the scene... is The Jaded NYer gonna have to stalk Special Ed?