Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ode To The Blue Collar Workers In My Life


My girl Jerzy Jung, an UBER-talented singer/songwriter just sent me one of her new singles and I'm over here playing it on repeat because I'm so in love with it. I'm adding it here so you can be obsessed with it, too:

Almost Over You - Jerzy Jung

And here's another song she recorded a few years ago that I was totally lusting over when I first heard it:

Good at Goodbye - Jerzy Jung

Ain't she grand??

To hear more from the lovely Ms. Jung, visit her on Myspace.

And now... drum roll... my ode...

(but not really an ode because when it comes to poetry I suck major donkey dick)

the train conductors on the F-train
the Fed Ex guy on 5th
the construction workers on Madison Ave

the UPS guy in front of the Salvation Army
the beer guy, making deliveries to the pub around the corner
the bus drivers dropping students off at the UCP building

the police academy cadets on 21st
the firefighters visiting on the 4th floor
the Halal food stand guy, chopping veggies in anticipation of the lunch rush

you all show me so much love each and every day
some of you are even sweet to look at

my day is not complete without your "Good Morning, Beautiful"
or the honking horn and head nod

I appreciate that you've never gotten vulgar with it

and thank you for wearing those pants

*smooches...taking a moment to show some gratitude*
I have this love-hate relationship with NYC; one minute I'm plotting my escape, next minute I see all the sexiness around me and I'm all like, "awww, I love it here!"