Friday, July 25, 2008

Coming To You LIVE From Blog Talk Radio...'s your favorite ranting lunatic, THE JADED NYER!!

So guess what? The very beautiful and talented ClassyDeeva has invited yours truly to be a guest host on her internet radio show on Blog Talk Radio, "Say What Now" with Classy Deeva.

The show is THIS SUNDAY the 27TH at 6:00PM. How cool/exciting/freakin' awesome is that?

Oh, but it gets better. GUESS the topic for this segment. Guess. You'll never guess...

LOVE! What it is, how to weather the storms and how to "keep things fresh."

Go ahead, crack your jokes. I'm a big girl; I can take it. As long as you tune in and call in! That's right you can CALL IN and put me in the hot seat... well not really, please don't do that. I was just playing.

Mira- don't think I won't cuss you out on internet radio, carajo, because I'm not above it!!

*smooches...resting my voice for Sunday*
I'm hella nervous, but whatever! full steam ahead, man, and whatever happens, happens... I promise to keep my New YAWK accent to a minimum LOL