Monday, July 07, 2008

The Jaded NYer- Now Available In Red!

Sometimes I get bored with myself. Just wake up bored for no good reason.

When this happens it really isn't a good idea for me to be alone because I'll usually get into something not so good for me. Idle hands and all... you know how that goes...

Well that's how I woke up on Saturday. Bored. But instead of being all self-destructive about it, I looked in the mirror and said, "That's it!" and headed to The Heights to my stylist and told her in Spanish, "Josie, I need something new."

She came up with this:

I'm still trying to get used to it; it's been almost 4 years since I had red hair. For the past couple of mornings I wake up, go to the mirror and get a little startled because my hair isn't brown. It's like "Whoa- who are YOU and what have you done with Raquel?" Then I remember. Saturday.

The Voices are a little bit bolder when they're Red, too- just a warning- so we should all be in for one helluva summer...

[side note: did you know that they also dye your eyebrows when they dye your hair? That cracks me up!]

In other news, couldn't you just eat her little face?

Miss Olivia makes me almost, maybe, kinda, sorta, perhaps, but not really but yes really miss having a baby/toddler around. They're so much fun at this age!

Oh lord, I think I just caught baby fever...MUST. FIND. ANTIDOTE.

*smooches...invoking a lil Rita Hayworth with every keystroke*
now all I need is a bit of a tan to go with the new hair color and I'll be good to go... the first sunny day I see I'm heading to Coney Island!