Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Operation Bikini Body, Day 6: Time Is Money

So far I have been pretty good at staying active.

After the first day at Bally's (Thursday), I power-walked for about 45min on Saturday morning(from my house to Prospect Park, through the park for a little bit and then back) and then did some ab work and some basic Yoga stretches. It was BRICK outside, but I did it.

On Monday, I took the day off from work and went back to Bally's for 20 minutes on the elliptical (I *heart* this machine) and then 20 minutes working my arms and abs (OUCH!).

So naturally I wanted to work out today (to keep a one day yes, one day no kind of schedule), but the Universe brought these facts to my attention:

1) My left arm is hurting like a BITCH. I either slept on it too long last night or my carpal tunnel is getting worse. Basically, when I bend it the pain is almost unbearable. I say almost because I'm pretty sure that the pain in my side is worse, and that has proven to be very bearable for the past three years.

2) If I go to the gym today and tomorrow and still keep my shrink appointment on Friday, which, lets all just agree is VERY necessary, okay, I will be in a financial bind. Basically, I can't afford to pay my nanny for the extra time and still pay my co-pay and make all my other bills and still have money for food and emergencies, etc.

BUT... I know if I lose this exercise momentum I will get sucked back into the couch... so do I go broke or go home? That is the question...

*smooches...not sure that the lil bit of cardio that I can get away with in my apartment is enough to count as a workout*
maybe if I clean my bathroom and scrub out the fridge that will count towards my activity points for the day?