Tuesday, January 15, 2008

In My Dictionary, Pt. 3

The third in a series of vocabulary lessons, this installment includes a boudoir term crucial to this Jaded NYer:

The Shoulder Tap: A maneuver used to let your sexual partner know that what they are doing is wack as hell and they need to cease and desist, as seen in episode 21 of season 6 of Seinfeld

How to use it in everyday conversation:

Girl #1: So how was last night?

Girl #2: CHILD! He tried this new move straight out of some dumb-ass porno and I had to give him the shoulder tap!

Use it in good health!

*smooches...proud to never have been a recipient of said maneuver*
...but I have dished it out generously on many an occasion. sorry, fellas!