Tuesday, January 22, 2008

January's Soapbox: Celebrities and Drugs

As an avid PerezHilton fan, I'm sorry to say that as of today I've had it up to
----------------> HERE!!!
with celebrities and their drug use and all that shit. I'm finished! I can't care about these people anymore! Except, of course, my beloveds: John, Janeane, Lily, Johnny and Winona. Everybody else can just go somewhere...

Today, Heath Ledger OD'd in an apartment in Manhattan. What the fuck? Oh I'm sorry- is having the world at your feet and ZERO money problems too much for you too handle? BOO-FUCKING-HOO!!! Get a fucking grip!

And while you're at it, tell Amy and Britney to get their shit together, too. I'm too through...

*no smooches today...*
at least I can concentrate on more important things now... like when are the Degrassi High DVDs going to be available on Netflix???