Thursday, January 24, 2008

Linda Is My New Idol

So I've been looking for a visual motivator to place on my fridge and in my journal to remind me of my fitness goals whenever I

a) go grab a snack when I'm not really hungry and
b) contemplate going to McDonald's for some crack, er, I mean fries.

And boy did I find it! And in a subway ad of all places!!

This here is Linda Celeste Sims of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater:

And her body is the body I'm aiming for by the end of this year. Not the bikini body I want for Puerto Rico, no that's different. I mean by next January, not only do I want to be rid of all my excess weight, but I want a dancer's body- lean and muscular and strong like a mutha-f*cker.

Do you see the definition in her arms and legs? This bitch is FIERCE!! I know it will probably cost me money (dance classes, a personal trainer, better/leaner cuts of organic food) but dammit, look at that body:

It would be worth every penny!

*smooches...mad that it took me so long to want to get fit*
the money shouldn't be much of a problem; I'll just use the cash I'm not spending on take-out. and yes, the amounts are comparable; sad, isn't it?