Tuesday, October 10, 2006

How To Be A Heartless Bitch

So M., the chef from BK who I thought would awaken the butterflies in my tummy (see previous posts) turned out to be a dead fish, as in, that's the way he kisses. There was so much potential in those lips, but alas I felt more repulsion than anything else.

And now I pose the question to you, my dear readers, how do I kick him to the curb? For the most part I can be a tough person and tell it like it is, but seeing as I was recently broken up with and felt like crap hearing someone say to me, "let's just be friends," how can I, in good conscience, say that to someone else? When, to be honest, I don't even want to be friends. Who'd want to be friends with a bad kisser? Yuck!!

And frankly, I want to find this guy's ex-girlfriend and kick her ass! How can she just unleash this bad kisser into the general population without telling him about his horrible, Hoover-like techniques? That's just wrong!! Help a sista out- tell that nigga that he can't kiss!! Oh wait- does that mean I have to tell him? Oh my god...I can't...I'd die...what if he gets angry and starts cursing at me or something? And calls me a bitch or something? I'll be forced to cut him- but I'm not sure if that defense would hold up in court...

What do I do?????????

*smooches* (the good, butterfly producing kind...not the ones that suck your face off...)
i'm not hurting anyone
i'm just telling my own truth
if there
if there is something wrong
then maybe maybe there's something wrong with you