Sunday, October 29, 2006

Does Abuelo Know About This?

My mom's dad has a deep-seeded hatred for the United States. Being former military police I can understand why, but still, it's kind of funny. We finally managed to get him on US soil in '98 for my Aunt Rossi's wedding- it was a grand occasion, but he looked salty the whole time.

Now, while I don't read US news because, well, it's stupid, I do subscribe to the newswire service from DR- don't ask, just accept it, okay? I saw this little piece and it made me wonder if Abuelo was outside plotting to pounce Condi within an inch of her American life. The visual made me laugh out loud.

Leonel and Condoleezza

During a meeting with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice yesterday, President Leonel Fernandez said that the United States has decided to aid the Dominican Republic by providing the country with radar equipment and other tools, to be placed on the border with Haiti, aimed at fighting drug, arms and human trafficking. Listin Diario reports that the meeting between the two lasted for about 45 minutes and the Dominican Republic's possible candidacy for the UN Security Council was discussed. The President said that he would consider the Venezuelan government's suggestion that the Dominican Republic could be put forward a candidate for a seat on the United Nation's Security Council, commenting that the United States would not oppose this move. However, the US is likely to continue supporting Guatemala because it could still win the vote, according to State Department spokesman Sean McCormack, as reported by Clave Digital. Fernandez explained that Washington could not publicly support the DR because neither of the two original aspirants had withdrawn from the race. The winner of the seat on the UNSC will represent the region at the United Nations, but some suggest that the benefits of the position go beyond this. A country may use the UN Security Council to settle disputes in their favor. For example Guatemala has an ongoing border dispute with Belize, as has Venezuela with neighboring Guyana. Some believe that both nations could use their position on the Council to find favorable resolutions to their problem. Also, according to a report by JT Nguyen, writing for the Global Policy Forum, the benefits for a developing nation can be financial. Nguyen writes that a "developing country serving on the council expects to receive during its tenure an additional 16 million dollars from the US in foreign aid and 1 million dollars from the UN. The aid may increase in time of crises: 45 million dollars from the US and 8 million dollars from the UN." Nguyen cites a Harvard study when he writes that member countries are "willing to trade their vote for favors: they promote another country's interests in the Security Council in exchange for development aid from a UN agency over which the other country has influence." This has been the tensest volley for the seat since the 1979 contest between Cuba and Colombia, which ran for three months and a total of 155 polls. Mexico was chosen as the compromise candidate. Guyana, Cuba, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago are the only Caribbean nations to sit on the UN Security Council.

First, can't DR and Haiti just freakin' get along already? How long will this feud go on? Both countries are poor and are considered the scum of the earth by The Man, so who cares if one has half a square inch of more land or who brings drugs where? Just get over yourselves. You share such a teeny tiny island. Kiss and make up, dammit!

Second, Venezuela and Guyana have border disputes? Why? Those countries are such nothing places, I mean who cares? Sure, Venezuela produces some kick ass novelas and yummy arepas, and Guyana...hmmm I know nothing about that place. What do they produce (besides assholes who break up with you for no reason...oops, did I say that out loud?)?

Another thing I found funny...buying votes for the UN Security Council? But the UN is such a joke! And excuse me- why is the US handing out greenbacks like we have it to spare? Has anybody cruised down the streets of Brownsville lately? We're poor and developing right here, baby. Keep some of that money HERE!!!

OMG- did I just sound like a Republican? Quick- someone ask me how I feel about gays in the military. Or the diminishing ozone layer. Or gun control! Hurry! Help me redeem myself!!

*smooches...from the left, I promise!!!*

i am losing my love of adventure

i'm losing all respect

for me and myself tonight

i wonder what happens if i get to

the end of this tunnel

and there isn't a light