Friday, May 03, 2013

You Got To Know Your Role In This Living Masquerade

Okay, so listen. No matter where you work or who is in charge, there will exist a situation where someone else fucks up and leaves you with a mountain of shit to scoop. It happens all the time. None of us will be left untouched by this phenomenon. It. Will. Happen. And when this goes down, you're going to want to whine about it, and complain, and place blame on the fuck-ups and tell the world how terrible they are and how burdened you've become with having to play fix-it to their faux pas. You will want to tell everyone within a flung-cat's distance about your woes in order to gain more allies in your "Woe Is Me" campaign. I know because I've done it.

But you know what I've learned since being at my current job (almost THREE WHOLE YEARS NOW, BITCHEZZZ!) and having to work with the KING of all complainers? Sometimes, in order to get the job done, you've just got to shut the fuck up and suck it the fuck up. Plain and simple.

Nobody likes cleaning other people's mess, but standing around complaining isn't going to make the mess go away. You have to face the situation from whatever the starting point is and MOVE FORWARD. Get the job done. Later, we can sit at the conference table and have a post-mortem about who fucked up and what is the best way to avoid that in the future. Or if it can't be avoided and the perpetual fuck-up can't be replaced, how to best anticipate their sloppiness. That's all you can do. OR, you could up and leave.

Me? I've learned to just assess the situation and problem-solve as best I can. I mean, what I look like getting my pressure all up for some shit that's not even important in the grand scheme of things? Every time I'm faced with that I just play mas in my head and push on, and every two weeks I'm handsomely rewarded with enough money to keep a roof over my head and food on my table.

Besides, it's usually the ones who do the most complaining about OTHER PEOPLE'S MISTAKES who fuck up the most. Just saying.

*smooches...wishing folks would just be happy for once*
and I mean, look, if you're not good under pressure and can't think on your feet, then this ain't the job for you.