Monday, May 13, 2013

Before Latinos Had Reggaeton...

...they ruled the airwaves with freestyle/house music.

Man do I remember those days! Here in NYC I think you can still relive the 90s house & freestyle era on WKTU (if the station's format hasn't changed. I don't listen to radio anymore. Commercials make me break out in hives!).

Need your memory jogged? Here are some of my favorites:

Geroge Lamond - "Where Does That Leave Love"

TKA - "Louder Than Love"

Corina - "Give Me Back My Heart"

2 in a Room - "Wiggle It"

Sweet Sensation - "Sincerely Yours"

Cover Girls - "My Heart Skips a Beat"

Do you have any near and dear to your heart?

*smooches...kickin' it old school today*
did you peep this fashion, though? craziness!