Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Last Crazy Jaded Dream Of 2010

Are you ready for this?

So this takes place where most of my vivid/crazy dreams take place-- my grandmother's apartment on Patchen Avenue in Brooklyn. Apparently I killed a man for talking sideways about my mother. He sorta looked like the uncle from the Harry Potter films. I just straight up choked the shit out of him with his own tie- saw him turn red, sweat, struggle to breathe until he died.

When the cops come looking for me (and Mari, who wasn't there for the actual murder but is somehow an accomplice), we use magic to turn ourselves invisible. Invisible.

We keep that up until Mami finally busts us and convinces us to go to the cops. I am all NO and then POOF!! my powers were gone. I couldn't turn invisible anymore.

Then I woke up. And went to the mirror to see if I could make myself invisible just in case. <---That part wasn't a dream. I really stood in front of the mirror and tried. Listen- the characters on Heroes got their powers after a lunar eclipse. I'm just sayin'. Now about this dream... What the fuck??

*smooches...not sure what's going on in my head*
and actually kind of afraid to find out