Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Not About The Gifts

One of the worst things a parent can do to their child is to set them up for disappointment, and one of the ways that's done is by buying them the world and making them think everything is acquired so easily. Especially at Christmas.

On tonight's Monday Musings, we're gifting you another Child Rearing 101 segment straight from the course list of The Jaded School of Parenting: Don't Spoil Those Babies!

Resident co-host and parent Brother Omi (and hopefully Mrs. Omi!!) will be on hand to outline for you the best way to balance holiday gift-giving with raising appreciative children. Trust us- it's a fine art, especially in today's bigger better faster more era when little kids have cellphones and teenagers are carrying designer bags.

But fret not- we're here for you!

So tune know you want to!

*smooches...doing my part as a member of the village*
you remember the village, right? The one 80s yuppies tried to burn to the ground?