Monday, December 06, 2010

Don't Get Caught With Nasty Food

Once I went to an engagement party for my mom's friends that was long and drawn out, but I sat patiently through all the praying and foolishness because the food smells were calling to me. When it came time to eat...the chicken was bland and undercooked, the rice flavorless and god knows what else because I checked out mentally after that riceFAIL. Horrific disaster!

I'd really hate for my readers to get caught out there with the yucky holiday fixins, so tonight on Monday Musings we're doing a Holiday Cooking special with the homie Darius T. Williams of Everyday Cookin'.

From a simple cocktail party to your holiday feast, tune in tonight to avoid having me talk about your nasty-ass food on my blog.

*smooches...showing my food-snobbiness*
there's nothing worse on the planet than bad food at a party. or bad food anywhere, BLECH, just don't so it!!