Monday, December 27, 2010

Inappropriate BBMs, Vol. 5

Another GChat convo, but inappropriate just the same...

ME: Really good sex only exists in Harlequin Romance Novels.


ME: "She took his quivering member into her eager mouth..."

FRIEND: quivering? LOL

ME: HAHAHAHA yours doesn't quiver? *shrugs*

FRIEND: It hasn't yet. But I have to wonder if I would consider presenting a quivering member. I doesn't SEEM like the greatest of ideas...why is it quivering? Am I scared?

ME: I think it quivers with anticipation of this most awesome mouth or vagina, belonging to some saucy vixen who, just prior to this moment, was unattainable.
(I read too much...)


*smooches...ending the year in the same ratchet fashion it began*
the day I behave properly is the day you know the pod people, or the Christians, have gotten a hold of me.